About Us

Embrace the Quantum Frontier:

Our accessible platform fosters a community of diverse thinkers, driving innovation and evolving together.


We are…

  • One of the largest quantum technology organization
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit
  • Based in the US with a global footprint


Our members are from…

  • Quantum technology companies
  • Top universities
    Research institutions
  • More than 50% are PhDs and postdocs in quantum-related fields


We aim to provide…

  • Top learning environment
    Academia-industry connection
  • Quantum education material
  • Practical quantum-enabled applications.

Our members spread across > 10 countries, mostly are quantum professionals and researchers.

Community Locations
Premium Members

Our Team

Yiwen – Business Development

Mao – Partnership

Daiwei – Partnership

Alan – Seminar

Chelsea – Design

Xinwen – FinQ APAC

Wei Geng – FinQ APAC

Our Accomplishments

  • Growing Community: 400+ members, 4 more core management members.
  • 10 Workshops surveyed PQC/Sensing/Ecosystem/QML/Chemistry/Error mitigation/Superconducting qubit/NV center/Ion Traps.
  • 2 Case studies: Optimization with QUBO / Quantum Company Evaluation.
  • 1 Journal club series: 12 Publications presented/discussed.
  • Gathered $6K+ Donations
  • Small councils at major quantum events: QWC + Q2B
  • Annual group meeting @ Washington DC. and New York.
  • New website designed.

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