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Founded in 2019, FinQ Tech Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on learning and sharing quantum computing and related technology.

Up to now, nearly 500 members worldwide have joined us; most have quantum-related backgrounds.

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FinQ organizes various activities including monthly quantum workshops, case studies, journal clubs, and in-person meetings to promote the development and communication of quantum computing technology.

  • Five Worlds of AI (a joint post with Boaz Barak)

    Artificial intelligence has made incredible progress in the last decade, but in one crucial aspect, it still lags behind the theoretical computer science of the 1990s: namely, there is no essay describing five potential worlds that we could live in and giving each one of them whimsical names.  In other words, no one has done forContinue…

  • QC WORKSHOP 24: Introduction to Variational Quantum Circuit and Quantum Neural Networks

    BACKGROUND Quantum computing has undergone rapid development over recent years: from first conceptualization in the 1980s, and early proof of principles for hardware in the 2000s, quantum computers can now be built with hundreds of qubits. While the technology remains in its infancy, the fast progress of quantum hardware has led many to assert thatContinue…

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  • by Quantum journal
    Quantum 7, 1034 (2023). Error mitigation is an essential component of achieving a practical quantum advantage in the near term, and a number of different approaches have been proposed. In this work, we recognize that many state-of-the-art error mitigation methods share a common feature: they are data-driven, employing classical data obtained from runs of […]
  • by The Quantum Daily
    Insider Brief QC Design provides quantum computer manufacturers with comprehensive roadmaps to commercially viable systems. The company hopes by licensing its fault-tolerant architectures, it is empowering quantum computer manufacturers to usher in a next generation of hardware. Critical Quote: “In the same way that ARM’s RISC architectures revolutionized mobile computing by providing a more efficient […]
  • by The Quantum Daily
    Insider Brief A team of IonQ-led researchers ran human cognition models on quantum hardware. The company says this opens up a path for improved decision making computer models that imitate human thought. The team of researchers, including scientists from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of London, published their findings in the journal […]
  • by ScienceDaily | Quantum Computing News
    Researchers have demonstrated the principle of using spatial correlations in quantum entangled beams of light to encode information and enable its secure transmission.
  • by Quantum journal
    Quantum 7, 1033 (2023). Measurement error and disturbance, in the presence of conservation laws, are analysed in general operational terms. We provide novel quantitative bounds demonstrating necessary conditions under which accurate or non-disturbing measurements can be achieved, highlighting an interesting interplay between incompatibility, unsharpness, and coherence. From here we obtain a substantial generalisation of […]
  • by Quantum journal
    Quantum 7, 1032 (2023). Quantum computers often manipulate physical qubits encoded on two-level quantum systems. Bosonic qubit codes depart from this idea by encoding information in a well-chosen subspace of an infinite-dimensional Fock space. This larger physical space provides a natural protection against experimental imperfections and allows bosonic codes to circumvent no-go results that […]

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