QC WORKSHOP 24: Introduction to Variational Quantum Circuit and Quantum Neural Networks

BACKGROUND Quantum computing has undergone rapid development over recent years: from first conceptualization in the 1980s, and early proof of principles for hardware in the 2000s, quantum computers can now be built with hundreds of qubits. While the technology remains in its infancy, the fast progress of quantum hardware has led many to assert thatContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 24: Introduction to Variational Quantum Circuit and Quantum Neural Networks”

QC WORKSHOP 23: Quantum Chemstry jump starter

Quantum chemistry simulation is one of the most promising directions for achieving practical quantum advantage. For people interested in understanding the basic of quantum chemistry and its implementation, we start this three-lecture workshop. Through this workshop audiences will develop intuitions in the quantum mechanics and chemistry concepts. Such intuitions can be an anchor point forContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 23: Quantum Chemstry jump starter”

QC WORKSHOP 21: Post Quantum Cryptography & bitcoin

BACKGROUND White house released NSM10 on May 4th of 2022, requiring whole USA to upgrade all IT digital systems, fundamental & critical infrastructure systems, military departments, intelligence systems, to quantum computer resistant cryptography from now on to 2035 as much as possible. This will also drive all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin including, to implement quantum resistant algorithms. NISTContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 21: Post Quantum Cryptography & bitcoin”

QC WORKSHOP 22: Spin defects in diamond for quantum applications

Recent years have witnessed the rapid development of various applications based on quantum information science. Among the many physical platforms, spin defect in diamond, namely nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, has attracted a lot of attention thanks to its good controllability and long coherence time even at room temperature. We will give a brief introduction to thisContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 22: Spin defects in diamond for quantum applications”


BACKGROUND In the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) era, we are limited by the number of qubits, coherence time, and gate fidelity. While Quantum Error Correction (QEC) is on its way, we still want to get meaningful results from such noisy quantum devices. It naturally introduces the idea of Error Mitigation (EM), which aims at recoveringContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 20: INTRO TO QUANTUM ERROR MITIGATION”

QC WORKSHOP 19: Intro to Superconducting Qubits

BACKGROUND In the community of superconducting qubit, Transmon is the most popular style of choice. It is easy to understand, fabricate and control. Many famous companies, i.e. Google, IBM and Rigetti all use Transmon. However, it’s lifetime is typically limited to be below 100 μs. OUR SPEAKER Dr. Haozhi Wang is a postdoctoral researcher atContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 19: Intro to Superconducting Qubits”

QC WORKSHOP 18: Quantum Simulation Using Atoms and Ions

在过去的二十年里,用于研究多体系统的量子模拟和计算方法发展出了两类互补的方案。自上而下的方案通过对多粒子体系进行全局相互作用来模拟匀质体系。自下而上的方案通过整合多个可被高精度控制的粒子来构建大型系统。本次报告将介绍属于自上而下方案的玻色-爱因斯坦凝聚体量子模拟系统和属于自下而上方案的离子阱量子计算系统。在介绍技术细节的基础上,我们将进一步讨论应用这些体系来研究多种物理问题。 Quantum Simulation and computation on many-body systems has branched to two complementary strategies over the last two decades. The top-down strategy uses ensembles of many particles with control over global interactions, where the granular details can be ignored and the ensemble can be treated as a smooth medium. The bottom-up strategy uses high-fidelity controlContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 18: Quantum Simulation Using Atoms and Ions”


在过去的几年里,世界范围内对量子技术(计算)热情极大增长。全球的公共和私人资金纷纷涌向这个领域。在第二次量子革命中,这是一个激动人心的时刻。本次讲座将主要介绍全球量子计算领域的生态概况,包括政策、投资、技术、应用、合作等方面。 主讲人介绍: Xinwen Wang is a Quantum Ecological Engineer at TuringQ(图灵量子) – the first photonic quantum computing company in China. His interests include quantum optimization, quantum computing, and industry quantum computing applications. He received his PhD degree in Theoretical Physics from Baylor University in May 2017. Before he joined TuringQ, he was a Network SecurityContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 17: INTRO TO GLOBAL QUANTUM ECOSYSTEM”

QC Workshop 16: Case Study Winner Presentations

去年年末,我们组织了FinQ第一期量子计算案例研究活动。此次活动共有来自中国、美国和欧洲等地区的23位朋友报名参加,他们中有在校学生、学术界的学者、以及工业界有经验的从业者。经过为期8周的分组研究实践活动,以及最终的成果展示演讲,我们评选出了两组做为这次活动的获奖队伍。他们分别是: 最佳实践奖 / Best Practices Award (排名不分先后): Jack Song 赵翔 敖敖 最佳创新奖 / Best Innovation Award (排名不分先后): Mao Lin Ke Yiwen 获奖的每一位队员都获得了由FinQ颁发的获奖证书以及亚马逊礼品卡。 为了让更多的朋友可以欣赏到他们的优秀作品,我们经过获奖队伍的协商,决定公开展示他们的获奖演讲。 演讲1:2月19日 21:00(美东)/ 2月20日 10:00 (北京)– 最佳实践奖获奖团队演讲2:2月26日 21:00 (美东)/ 2月27日 10:00 (北京)– 最佳创新奖获奖团队 报名方式 扫码微信添加FinQ小助手加入FinQ微信群获取报名链接。

QC workshop 15: Intro to quantum simulation (2022/01/22)

量子模拟是利用可控的量子系统去模拟待研究的量子系统,它可以作为一种有效的实验手段用于研究经典计算机难以计算的问题和实验条件无法观测的现象。量子模拟是量子计算最具潜力的方向之一。本次讲座将主要介绍量子模拟的基础知识、相关背景、可能应用以及相关算法和实现。 主讲人介绍: Qi Zhao is a QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow in quantum information science at the University of Maryland. His research interests include quantum simulation, quantum computing, quantum resource theory, and self-testing quantum information. He received his bachelor’s degree and PhD degree from Tsinghua University in 2014 and 2018, respectively. Then he became a researchContinue reading “QC workshop 15: Intro to quantum simulation (2022/01/22)”

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