FinQ Tech’s Successful Contribution to Unitary Hack 2023

We are delighted to share our journey as a sponsor of a team at the Unitary Hack 2023, a fantastic global event that encourages people to make contributions to the open source quantum ecosystem​​. The hackathon ran from May 26 to June 13, and our team made a significant contribution by adding a Variational QuantumContinue reading “FinQ Tech’s Successful Contribution to Unitary Hack 2023”

Apply now for FinQ Tech’s Quantum Computing Hackathon Team

Unleash Your Quantum Potential We are excited to announce that FinQ Tech, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the quantum computing community, is inviting applications for its Quantum Computing Hackathon Team. As a member of this team, you will have the opportunity to participate in various quantum computing hackathons,Continue reading “Apply now for FinQ Tech’s Quantum Computing Hackathon Team”

QC Workshop 16: Case Study Winner Presentations

去年年末,我们组织了FinQ第一期量子计算案例研究活动。此次活动共有来自中国、美国和欧洲等地区的23位朋友报名参加,他们中有在校学生、学术界的学者、以及工业界有经验的从业者。经过为期8周的分组研究实践活动,以及最终的成果展示演讲,我们评选出了两组做为这次活动的获奖队伍。他们分别是: 最佳实践奖 / Best Practices Award (排名不分先后): Jack Song 赵翔 敖敖 最佳创新奖 / Best Innovation Award (排名不分先后): Mao Lin Ke Yiwen 获奖的每一位队员都获得了由FinQ颁发的获奖证书以及亚马逊礼品卡。 为了让更多的朋友可以欣赏到他们的优秀作品,我们经过获奖队伍的协商,决定公开展示他们的获奖演讲。 演讲1:2月19日 21:00(美东)/ 2月20日 10:00 (北京)– 最佳实践奖获奖团队演讲2:2月26日 21:00 (美东)/ 2月27日 10:00 (北京)– 最佳创新奖获奖团队 报名方式 扫码微信添加FinQ小助手加入FinQ微信群获取报名链接。

FinQ Case Study Series #1

Aircraft Loading Optimisation with QUBO Recently, Airbus announced their winner to The “Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge” (AQCC): the team Machine Learning Reply (MLR). In the fifth challenge — “Aircraft Loading Optimisation”, they formulated the problem and its constraints into cost functions in the form of Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) problems. These cost functions areContinue reading “FinQ Case Study Series #1”

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