QC WORKSHOP 24: Introduction to Variational Quantum Circuit and Quantum Neural Networks

BACKGROUND Quantum computing has undergone rapid development over recent years: from first conceptualization in the 1980s, and early proof of principles for hardware in the 2000s, quantum computers can now be built with hundreds of qubits. While the technology remains in its infancy, the fast progress of quantum hardware has led many to assert thatContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 24: Introduction to Variational Quantum Circuit and Quantum Neural Networks”

QC WORKSHOP 21: Post Quantum Cryptography & bitcoin

White house released NSM10 on May 4th of 2022, requiring whole USA to upgrade all IT digital systems, fundamental & critical infrastructure systems, military departments, intelligence systems, to quantum computer resistant cryptography from now on to 2035 as much as possible. This will also drive all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin including, to implement quantum resistant algorithms. NIST PQCContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 21: Post Quantum Cryptography & bitcoin”


In the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) era, we are limited by the number of qubits, coherence time, and gate fidelity. While Quantum Error Correction (QEC) is on its way, we still want to get meaningful results from such noisy quantum devices. It naturally introduces the idea of Error Mitigation (EM), which aims at recovering theContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 20: INTRO TO QUANTUM ERROR MITIGATION”

QC WORKSHOP 19: Intro to Superconducting Qubits

In the community of superconducting qubit, Transmon is the most popular style of choice. It is easy to understand, fabricate and control. Many famous companies, i.e. Google, IBM and Rigetti all use Transmon. However, it’s lifetime is typically limited to be below 100 μs. 主讲人介绍: Dr. Haozhi Wang is a postdoctoral researcher at Laboratory forContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 19: Intro to Superconducting Qubits”


在过去的几年里,世界范围内对量子技术(计算)热情极大增长。全球的公共和私人资金纷纷涌向这个领域。在第二次量子革命中,这是一个激动人心的时刻。本次讲座将主要介绍全球量子计算领域的生态概况,包括政策、投资、技术、应用、合作等方面。 主讲人介绍: Xinwen Wang is a Quantum Ecological Engineer at TuringQ(图灵量子) – the first photonic quantum computing company in China. His interests include quantum optimization, quantum computing, and industry quantum computing applications. He received his PhD degree in Theoretical Physics from Baylor University in May 2017. Before he joined TuringQ, he was a Network SecurityContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 17: INTRO TO GLOBAL QUANTUM ECOSYSTEM”

QC workshop 15: Intro to quantum simulation (2022/01/22)

量子模拟是利用可控的量子系统去模拟待研究的量子系统,它可以作为一种有效的实验手段用于研究经典计算机难以计算的问题和实验条件无法观测的现象。量子模拟是量子计算最具潜力的方向之一。本次讲座将主要介绍量子模拟的基础知识、相关背景、可能应用以及相关算法和实现。 主讲人介绍: Qi Zhao is a QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow in quantum information science at the University of Maryland. His research interests include quantum simulation, quantum computing, quantum resource theory, and self-testing quantum information. He received his bachelor’s degree and PhD degree from Tsinghua University in 2014 and 2018, respectively. Then he became a researchContinue reading “QC workshop 15: Intro to quantum simulation (2022/01/22)”

FinQ Quantum Algorithm Journal Club

Having a huge algorithm knowledge reservoir is crucial to scientists trying to develop new algorithms or apply algorithms to real-world problems. The goal of this journal club is to supercharge the algorithm knowledge of participating members.  Format: Each session will include a 25-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute discussion. Each presentation should cover the “what,Continue reading “FinQ Quantum Algorithm Journal Club”

QC WORKSHOP 13: INTRO TO Quantum control (2021/11/06)

本次 workshop 我们邀请到南方科技大学的曾俊凯老师介绍量子控制与优化相关技术。通过量子控制,我们可以有效地操纵量子系统并为所需要的行为创建控制手段。量子控制关注经典世界如何与量子设备相互作用,它指导研究人员通过测量获取有关量子系统的信息,并在计算、传感和测量方面实现有用的性能。专注于量子控制的主要公司有:澳大利亚的Q-CTRL和英国的Cambridge Quantum。 了解更多详情请点击: https://q-ctrl.com/foundations/quantum-control/ 演讲者简介:Junkai Zeng,博士毕业于Virginia Tech,曾在量子科技领域初创公司Q-CTRL就职,现在深圳南方科技大学任Research AP。 通过本次活动可以学习到: 什么是量子控制,为什么我们需要量子控制。 量子控制与优化的基本概念:噪声与退相干,闭环与开环。 量子控制与优化的技术手段:动力学解耦,动力学门,数值方法, 量子控制软件以及相关技术问题。 量子控制的相关的研究方向与进展。 活动安排 活动时间 2021年11月6日(星期六)7 PM(美国西部时间)10 PM (美国东部时间) 2021年11月7日(星期日)10AM (中国北京时间) 接入方式 1: 加FinQ小助手微信号,注明参加讲座活动进入微信群,及时获取FinQ未来活动讯息。 接入方式2: Topic: FinQ Quantum Lecture: Quantum ControlTime: Nov 6, 2021 22:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/82380433756?pwd=UUVTcGhKZDdOWlZtNHIzeWgwQUkzZz09 Meeting ID: 823 8043 3756Passcode: 352792One tap mobile+19292056099,,82380433756#,,,,352792# USContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 13: INTRO TO Quantum control (2021/11/06)”

QC WORKSHOP 12: Intro to Ion Trap (2021/09/18)

本次 workshop 我们邀请到 IonQ 的 Daiwei Zhu 同学介绍基于离子阱的量子计算技术以及相关应用。离子 阱是目前实现量子计算的重要硬件技术之一,该技术利用电场和激光俘获并控制真空中的自然离子实现量子计算。与超导量子比特相比,其操作不易出错,单个离子量子状态持续的时间更长,并且可以实现量子比特之间的全连通性。尝试离子阱技术路线的主要公司有:美国的 IonQ、Honeywell,英国的 Universal Quantum 以及奥地利的 Alpine Quantum Technology。 了解更多详情请点击: https://ionq.com/technology 演讲者简介:Dr. Zhu is a senior application scientist at IonQ. He earned his Ph.D. in 2021, working with Christopher Monroe at the University of Maryland, developing trapped-ion quantum computers and algorithms targeting near-term quantum devices. His research interests includeContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 12: Intro to Ion Trap (2021/09/18)”