QC WORKSHOP 23: Quantum Chemstry jump starter

Quantum chemistry simulation is one of the most promising directions for achieving practical quantum advantage. For people interested in understanding the basic of quantum chemistry and its implementation, we start this three-lecture workshop. Through this workshop audiences will develop intuitions in the quantum mechanics and chemistry concepts. Such intuitions can be an anchor point forContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 23: Quantum Chemstry jump starter”

QC WORKSHOP 18: Quantum Simulation Using Atoms and Ions

在过去的二十年里,用于研究多体系统的量子模拟和计算方法发展出了两类互补的方案。自上而下的方案通过对多粒子体系进行全局相互作用来模拟匀质体系。自下而上的方案通过整合多个可被高精度控制的粒子来构建大型系统。本次报告将介绍属于自上而下方案的玻色-爱因斯坦凝聚体量子模拟系统和属于自下而上方案的离子阱量子计算系统。在介绍技术细节的基础上,我们将进一步讨论应用这些体系来研究多种物理问题。 Quantum Simulation and computation on many-body systems has branched to two complementary strategies over the last two decades. The top-down strategy uses ensembles of many particles with control over global interactions, where the granular details can be ignored and the ensemble can be treated as a smooth medium. The bottom-up strategy uses high-fidelity controlContinue reading “QC WORKSHOP 18: Quantum Simulation Using Atoms and Ions”

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